The Secret to Great Hair

Not very many things are better to a woman than a beautiful, healthy head of hair. Great hair is pleasing to the eye and the touch, it completes any outfit and as we all know, healthy hair gives a girl measure of sanity (when her hair ain't right, she ain't right, so they say). But, how does one achieve it? Is it a gift granted to a selected few? It may surprise you to know that the secret to having beautiful locks is not who your parents are or the kind of products you use on a daily basis. It's not even how awesome your hairstylist is (although, each of the aforementioned can definitely help). "So, what is it?" you ask?  The secret to great hair is... wait for it... your feelings about the hair you were blessed with. That's right, the way you feel about your locks is most important when it comes to having great hair.

It all begins within.
Do you tell your hair that you love it despite its type, texture, current condition or length? Or are you at war with it? The truth is, your hair can hear you. (Yep, your hair has ears!) In my 20+ years as a hairstylist, I realized early on that when clients complained about how much they hated their hair, their hair would hate them right back. No matter what I would do to make their hair better, I just couldn't get the results I was striving for. The best conditioning treatments out there were no match for the loathsome hair talk.

Eventually, I added a new service to our salon menu- MIRROR WORK. Before leaving my chair, I would have them look in the mirror and say (out loud), "I love my hair." As you can imagine, there was some resistance at first, but they got through it. I also made a rule that no client was allowed to make negative remarks about their hair in the salon or at home. The results were quite interesting. Within a short time, there was noticeable improvement.
Now, don't get me wrong, no one suddenly went from sparse strands to a mane like Farrah. However, there was a difference for sure! When the thoughts and feelings about it changed, problematic hair began to look better, feel better and for some, grew longer than it ever had before.

Everyone can have great hair and the secret to it really isn't a secret at all. Just be grateful, properly care for and love your hair and it will respond by being as beautiful and healthy as it can possibly be. Say it loud, say it proud: "I LOVE MY HAIR!" It will love you back.
Lance McBrayer

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