Frontals - Lace

Hairlines are incredibly sensitive. Several chemical applications coupled with high heat over a long period of time can cause serious damage to edges, making it difficult to find an appropriate hair piece to blend with. Lace frontals, however, solve that issue. With proper installation and care, these extensions can flawlessly imitate a natural hairline.Catering to the versatility of your lifestyle and clients, we offer high quality, 100% virgin remy human hair of Indian and Brazilian origins.

With natural hair from India, our Frontal provides an undetectable parted area and hairline area.

HairLux’s Natural Straight Frontal blends with your hair effortlessly and finishes off your style with a totally undetectable parted area and hairline area. Part your hair anyway you choose with ease and confidence. Show off a beautiful style while giving your damaged and fragile natural hair a rest or just wear it for its flawless look and easy styling.

• Dimensions of lace area: approx. 13.5" x 6".

• Dimensions of ventilated area: approx. 12" x 4".

PLEASE NOTE: Dimensions are measured at their widest and deepest areas.

For full details including pre-installation requirements and general installation tips, please download our hair care guide.


Frontals have a lace base, which allows for a more realistic look. Please refrain from excessive tugging, scratching, or pulling on the hair as strands of hair may be released from the base.

  • Applying shampoo or conditioner near the base of your unit may cause the delicate workmanship to unravel.
  • Repair:
    • If you are experiencing balding or thin areas in your Frontal or Closure, please seek a professional who specializes in re-ventilation. Re-ventilation is a process that involves adding more hair to balding or thin areas. A specialist can also repair tears in the lace, add hair, or even replace lace where it has been worn out.
  • Since this texture has not been altered in any way, it has the ability to be manipulated with any hot tool and return to its natural state.

    • Easy to flat iron or curl
    • Product Suggestions: HairLux Argan Oil Hair & Body Butter; HairLux  Hydrating Shampoo