I-Tipped Strands

Applied using a cold fusion method, these stick/I-tip hair extensions are built to last and won't tangle. Like all HairLux Remy hair extensions, the stick/I-tip style uses single drawn hair, which produces tapered ends making it easy to blend.


What Are They?

Micro link hair extensions are also known as micro bead or micro- loop hair extensions too, so not to worry if you hear these different names. These hair extensions are applied by looping the extensions through the natural hair. You then clamp it down with a special tool/clamp, heat, and a metal bead (or ring). They are fixed to small sections of natural hair and tightened with this special tool/clamp. This method is very safe because there is no heat used in applying the links. This method takes approximately 3-5 hours to apply.


You can wash them the same way you would your real hair and use the same styling products. Similar to fusion, they need re-positioning every 2-3 months as the natural hair grows and the micro-beads move away from the scalp.

How Long Do They Last?

Same as Fusion extensions, considered semi-permanent and they generally last up to 3-4 months.