Learn More About the Man Weave

"Change your look, change your life."


Four Easy Steps!


Step 1:

Pick a Style

Yes, any style you want!  It's the easiest and most fun part.  Choose your hairstyle from how you used to wear your hair or the look you want now.  Waves, curls, dreads - whatever look you want is now easier to achieve than ever.

Step 2:

Pick a Base

Choose from two types - lace or PU.

Lace - our full lace human hair systems are the most breathable for your scalp.  However, they are less durable.  (It's lightweight vented freestyle makes it delicate and harder to clean.)

PU - our poly base system provides maximum durability and is great for guys with an active lifestyle.  (It's two-layer, clear base makes it sturdy and easier to clean.)

Each comes in an 8" x 10" sized base and requires it to be cut to fit.


Step 3:

Pick Your Color

Choose your color from our color options.


Step 4:

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