Wigs & Hairpieces

What Are They?

Wigs and hair pieces come in different forms and are applied to hair topically. With long full wigs, they are made to cover your entire head (which is why it used to be called “head covering”) and it essentially completely covers your head and acts as a replacement for your own hair (meaning it is not blended with your own hair). This is used for many different reasons (like if your hair is too short or if you are balding and cannot incorporate your own hair) but the purpose is to cover your whole head.
The hair pieces are a little different, and they often come in the shape of a bun, ponytail or hair tie so you can just put it on top of your own hair. Again, could be used because the area is balding and you need to place hair on top, or just to add a different look to your hair or create a different hairstyle. This also includes the extensions that are called “lace fronts” or “netting”; these are just methods for how the wigs are made.


These pieces can be a little challenging to wash, and depending on whether they are real or synthetic you have to be very careful. The other issue is the full headpieces are usually attached to either a plastic or other material (which it is sewn onto) and depending on the quality of this base, you have to modify the way you wash and treat the hair.  

How Long Do They Last?

It depends on whether they are real or synthetic and once again the way you take care of them greatly affects this as well. Typically, real human full wigs can last for up to one year if you take good care of them. The smaller pieces are usually synthetic and typically don’t last more than one month of use.